Best Exporter of Laundry Detergent Powder All Over the World

Despite the progress in human life and the consequent need to observe health tips, our need for laundry detergent powder has increased, so exporters of washing powders are attempting to produce and supply the bulk of detergent products. We are one of the claimants of producing the highest quality product in this industry In addition to having an affordable price and after-sales service that will satisfy you in the transaction process.

Best Exporter of Laundry Detergent Powder All Over the World

3 Differences Between Handwashing and Machine Laundry Detergent

3 Differences Between Hand Washing and Machine Laundry Detergent There are generally two types of detergent: handwashing powder and machine washing powder. Each of them has its chemical composition and should be used only in the specified application. For example, you can not pour handwashing powder in the washing machine because if you use it, it may reduce the life of the machine, which means that it dissolves slowly, and before it dissolves in water, the washing time ends and the clothes remain dirty. On the other hand, machine powder can not be used instead of handwashing powder because it causes allergies and skin sensitivities during the action. While the composition of hand detergents is such that it prevents possible damage to the skin. In addition, its rapid dissolution in cold water increases the washing speed. Another feature of hand washes detergent such as handmade laundry soap is that it protects the fibers of sensitive clothes due to the special materials it contains and prolongs the useful life of clothes. The most important difference between these powders is the amount of foam. While hand powders produce a lot of foam, machine powders generate a controlled amount of it, because using too much foam, can cause damage to the washing machine’s electrical systems. Another difference between these two kinds of powder is the presence of bleach in the washing machine, this enzyme has high cleaning power. It removes stains and also prevents the accumulation of bacteria on clothes.

What Are Factors That a Good Washing Powder Should Have?

What Are Factors That a Good Washing Powder Should Have? Improper and non-standard washing powder changes the color of clothes and the shape of the fibers of clothes, and causes them to rot and deteriorate over time. The most significant feature of a good washing powder is its composition, which means that it must have all the necessary and efficient enzymes, so as not to lose its cleaning power. The considerable thing about laundry detergent is that it must be able to dissolve in water at any temperature because solubility is one of the properties that, in the absence of it, washing powder seems inefficient. In addition, it should be able to wash all kinds of fabrics and clothes and has no restrictions on its performance. Moreover, detergents should be properly packaged, as they may remain in warehouses or stores for a long time, their packaging should be in a way that their contents are not damaged. Fragrances play an important role in determining laundry detergents because the presence of a great odor, including the scent of various flowers, evokes a sense of cleanliness. As a result, this option increased the popularity of the powder.

Buying Hand Washing Detergent Powder at the Best Price

Buying Hand Washing Detergent Powder at the Best Price Washing clothes is one of the main measures of personal hygiene. And it is one of the basic activities of our daily life. Due to the increasing demand and supply of quality detergents in the market, competition between companies continues to satisfy customers. Manufacturing a great product that has all the essential factors, while reasonably priced, is a difficult task that we have made possible. Using the best available materials, we tried to offer laundry detergents that have the latest world standard. Furthermore, compared to other existing brands, the prices of our products are very suitable. Because for us, customer satisfaction is a priority in the first step, so that we can prove our customers and have a long-term deal with them. For information on the special terms of the transaction, you can contact our active and professional experts.


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